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Cup #6

Battle for $500 and 7 Hearthstone Championship Points weekly!

GosuCup SEA returns for its third year, following the booming success of GosuCup SEA 2015. The circuit is designed in cooperation with Blizzard Entertainment SEA to support the SEA and APAC scenes at their grassroots . Each week, the open GosuCup tournaments will award $500 and 7 HCT points to its top finishers.

The tournament is only open to players from these countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan.

Important: Only players from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and India are eligible for the prize pool of $500. All countries are eligible for HCT points.

Rules Prizes
Rounds and brackets

Country standings

Every nation is awarded points for each representative in each GosuCup SEA top 8.
PH:Philippines:40; VN:Vietnam:29; MY:Malaysia:20; SG:Singapore:12; TH:Thailand:6; ID:Indonesia:1;


Stay tuned for upcoming matches and recent results!
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