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Cup #6

GosuCup HCT SEA 2016: Rules



Player Requirements


  • All players must have an eligible account and an eligible Americas account to participate
  • Players need to be residents of one of the following countries of the Asia-Pacific region: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macau and Japan
    • IMPORTANT: ​Only players from the SEA countries are eligible for the money prizes. Those countries are Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and India
    • If a player who's not a resident of a SEA country places top three in any GosuCup tournament, he will still be eligible to receive his or her HCT points
  • All players are responsible for resulting the games themselves through the ENTER RESULT button on the respective match pages
  • All players are required to take and keep screenshots of their victory and readily present them to admins in case of conflict
  • The top four players are required to submit their decks to tournament's admins by emailing Nydra on
  • Since there is no replay mode currently in the game, we implore players to keep to the spirit of fair play and to police themselves. In case of a conflict which can't decisively be judged in one player's favor or another's (i.e. screenshots are missing), an admin will have the final word.


Official streaming policy

  • Selected games from the Ro16 and Ro8, as well as both semi-finals and the grand finals will be streamed
  • Players whose game is chosen for streaming will be messaged and added on by GosuCup#2802
  • Players will also be contacted by tournament admins via GosuGamers' PM system
  • Players whose game is chosen for streaming must wait for admin approval before they commence their match
  • If chosen, players cannot refuse their game to be streamed. Unwillingness to comply will result in official warnings and possible disqualification
  • All games will be streamed on

Tournament Format


  • All games are played in STANDARD format. Players whose decks contain cards outside STANDARD will be immediately disqualified
  • The tournament will be played in an expanded "Conquest" format
  • Each player can bring up to 1 deck per class (you cannot bring a Zoolock AND Handlock, you have to choose one)
    • ​Players are allowed to request screenshots from their opponent as proof of the above rule. In that case, BOTH players have to provide screenshots of their line-ups and this is done AFTER THE DRAFTING PHASE
    • If a player has more than 1 deck per class prepared, his/her opponent can request that the extra decks are removed. In that case, both players are allowed to re-build their decks and then THE DRAFT IS REDONE.
  • Each player selects 3 classes for each series. The picking process goes like this:
    • ​Player on the LEFT of the match page selects 1 CLASS
    • Player on the RIGHT then selects 2 CLASSES
    • Player on the LEFT selects 2 CLASSES
    • Player on the RIGHT selects 1 CLASS
  • When a player wins with a class, that class is locked and unable to be used for the remainder of the series
  • When a player loses with a class, he/she may choose to keep or change the class
  • Single elimination bracket
  • Best of 3 games until quarter finals
  • Best of 5 games for quarter, semi and grand finals




  • The ticket system via the "REPORTS AND MESSAGES" button is the official channel of communication with GosuCup admins
  • Any evidence of win-trading will disqualify the player from the Tournament. “Win-trading,” is defined as intentionally losing a match with another player to advance one or the other’s rank;
  • After the first game in the match begins, if a player leaves the match lobby, or cancels the “game challenge”, or leaves the Hearthstone game client for any reason, it is considered a match forfeiture and the opposing Eligible Participant will win the match;
  • Additionally, once the starting hands are provided by the Hearthstone game client, if a player leaves the game for any reason, the player is considered to have forfeited the game, awarding his or her opponent one game point;
  • In the case of double disconnect, the game is to be remade. Exceptions include obvious and undisputable game-winning state for one of the player that can be proven with a screenshot;
  • If a player acts in collusion with another player to affect any results of the Tournament, or any matches that are part of the Qualification events for the Tournament, he or she may be disqualified from the Tournament;
  • If a player commits violent acts, or threatens to commit violent acts, against any other player in the Tournament, any admin, or any spectators of the Tournament, he or she may be disqualified from the Tournament;
  • If a player attempts to interfere with another player’s connection to the game service through Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) or any other means, he or she may be disqualified from the Tournament;
  • If any individual who is not the player plays on said person's account in a Tournament game, the player may be disqualified from the Tournament;
  • If an admin deems player to have engaged in any unsportsmanlike behavior, the player may be disqualified from the Tournament.
  • Walkovers are due 15 mins after the start of each round. Rounds start every full hour, meaning:
    Round 1: 13:00 SGT
    Round 2: 14:00 SGT
    Round 3: 15:00 SGT, etc;
  • Under special circumstances, tournament admins may decide to increase the walkover due time
  • Walkovers are only given after they’ve been formally requested from a GosuGamers admin. Players are NOT allowed to automatically result their walkovers

Payment of Prizes


  • Only players from the SEA countries are eligible for the money prizes. Those countries are Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and India
  • Winners are required to provide invoice details to GosuCup admins upon completion of the tournament so that payments can be wired. GosuCup tournaments will assist you in that matter.
  • Winners need an eligible PayPal account to receive their prize
  • Payments are wired within 60 days after the GosuCrew has received your details