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Cup #6

Register for the $500 GosuCup SEA #3, tournament starts Saturday, June 11, 07:00 CEST / 13:00 SGT

If you’re a player from the APAC region, there are $500 and 7 HCT points waiting to be won.

APAC players, get your decks in order – GosuCup SEA #3 is coming tomorrow to crown another champion for the Summer season.

The tournament is played in a Single Elimination Conquest format, with Bo3 matches up until quarter finals, the switching to Bo5 for the remaining rounds. The top contenders will split the $500 prize pool and 7 HCT points, scoring a good payday and advancing their Summer HCT campaign in one afternoon. Neat!

You can register for the tournament here. Do it before it commences tomorrow at 07:00 CEST / 13:00 SGT. Make sure to check in before the event to confirm your place in the bracket.

If you’re wondering what decks to play, we strongly suggest you learn from the best – the previous winners of GosuCup SEA.

Prize pool:

1st place: $300 + 3 HCT points
2nd place: $150 + 2 HCT points
3rd place: $50 + 1 HCT point
4th place: 1 HCT point

Only players from Southeast Asian countries are eligible for the cash prizes of GosuCup SEA.