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Cup #6

Decklist spotlight: The winning decks from GosuCup SEA #4

Two more GosuCup SEA tournaments are left before the end of this season. Here’s what the grand finalists from the fourth edition used to conquer their enemies.

Vietnamese player Chanisushi became the first female to win a GosuCup SEA title this Saturday. Chanisushi used a diverse five-deck line-up through her run to ultimately defeat WaningMoon in close five games.

The Filipino himself is having one of the best GosuCup years of his career. He’s made three consecutive fop four finishes and is up to four in total this year alone. In the Spring season, WaningMoon also won his fourth GosuCup SEA title, making him the highest scorer of the cup overall. His improving record has placed him under #4 in Asia and #34 in the World Rankings and is closing the gap between him and BlizzCon 2015 finalist Neilyo.

1st place: Vietnam Chanisushi

Freeze Mage
Midrange Shaman
Midrange Hunter
CThun Druid

2nd place: Philippines WaningMoon

Dragon Warrior
Token Druid
Aggro Shaman