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Cup #6

Vietnam with back-to-back GosuCup SEA championships

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BTuan defeated Gromhell from the Philippines in the fifth GosuCup SEA tournament to secure the country’s second championship in a row, and third for this year overall.

A real Cinderella story happened this Saturday in GosuCup SEA #5. In his first ever GosuCup tournament, Tran Dong “Btuan” Nhut went undefeated against Hearthstone veterans such as VanillaT, Winterchill and Gromhell to win the $300 first place prize together with 3 HCT points to aid his HCT campaign.

BTuan was the only Vietnamese player who made it far in the tournament this weekend, despite strong representation by the red flags in the form of previous champion Chanisushi, Infernity, zGGLeoz, Neilyo, Noraneko and more. Vietnam itself had a rather quiet 2016 compared to past years but with back-to-back victories it’s overtaken Malaysia as the second best performing country in the Summer standings. With just one cup to go, however, the odds of any of the two overtaking Philippines and their monstrous lead look impossible.

GosuCup SEA #5 standings

1. Vietnam BTuan - $300 + 3 HCT points
2. Philippines Gromhell - $150 + 2 HCT points
3. Malaysia Mogu.Ywai - $50 + 1 HCT point
4. Singapore Journey – 1 HCT point
5-8. Philippines Staz
5-8. Singapore 1123630728
5-8. Philippines TheChosen1
5-8. Indonesia Ricky_Conrad