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Cup #6

zGGLeoz completes the GosuCup SEA hat-trick for Vietnam to close the Summer season

The Hearthstone veteran returned to the tournament victoriously, defeating Singaporean newcomer Timpotz 3-2.

Leo “zGGLeoz” Dang is back crushing GosuCup SEA tournaments. The Vietnamese was one of his country’s front-runners in the 2015 HWC campaign but took a six-month competitive break at the end of last year, only to return to Hearthstone this March with the new season of GosuCup SEA.

It was a relatively easy start for the veteran, as he cruised to a total score of 9-1 in the first four rounds. Only in the semi finals did it become more difficult for him as his fellow countryman Thuongthoi and Singaporean player Timpotz – newcomers to GosuCup SEA both – gave him a run for his money. Leoz had to play full five games in both series to ultimately be crowned the last GosuCup SEA champion of the season.

GosuCup SEA #6 standings:

1. Vietnam zGGLeoz - $300 + 3 HCT points
2. Singapore Timpotz - $150 + 2 HCT points
3. Malaysia Elitd93 - $50 + 1 HCT point
4. Vietnam Thuongthoi – 1 HCT point
5-8. Thailand Punzahoney
5-8. Vietnam Dustiny
5-8. Vietnam Neilyo
5-8. Vietnam Wolfboy94

In the final nation standings, nobody could even come close to Philippines’ supremacy. The country showed consistency throughout the whole season, never earning less than 5 nation points, and had extremely strong cups #4 and #5, despite missing out on the gold. Vietnam’s series of three consecutive championships brought them to 29 points, 11 short of Philippines’ 40, and had they not had a shaky start of the season, they could’ve been contesting the undisputed leaders quite easily.

Only six countries made it to the top 8’s this season, making for a more concentrated power in the region’s leaders. Even though all of APAC was allowed to compete and South Korea had strong runs in Spring, its players could never go as far as the quarterfinals to get on the scoreboard.

Final nation standings for Summer:

1. PhilippinesPhilippines – 40 points
2. Vietnam Vietnam – 29 points
3. Malaysia Malaysia – 20 points
4. Singapore Singapore – 12 points
5. Thailand Thailand – 6 points
6. Indonesia Indonesia – 1 point